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Covid 19 Information
Keeping Our Homes Safe

Throughout the pandemic, our staff and management teams have worked tirelessly to make sure that our homes are safe, comfortable and happy places to live.

The safety and wellbeing of residents, staff, and visiting friends and family has been a priority throughout the pandemic, and we have a number of measures in place to make our homes as safe as they can be.

Just as we have done since the start of the pandemic, we continue to follow and implement the guidance that comes from Scottish Government, the NHS, and Health Protection Scotland. In light of the lowering risk from the virus, various measures previously mandated are now being removed to enable residents and staff to return to a normal life.

Safety Measures

Hand hygiene is crucial in stopping the spread of the virus, and each of our homes has had a hand washing station installed at the entrance, for everyone to use as they arrive at the home.

Following the announcement pertaining to removing PCR testing and making mask wearing non mandatory in most circumstances, it has now been announced that testing prior to visiting is no longer required. With immediate effect, you will not be asked to perform LFD tests on the day of your visit or twice weekly if you are visiting more frequently.

That being said, we do recognise the benefits of knowing when someone has tested positive, allowing you to remain at home and avoid infecting others or the reassurance that can bring. Therefore we have decided to leave our remaining stock of LFD tests available to those visitors who wish to test to still do so. Similarly we have left masks available to those who want to wear them.

Symptomatic testing rules for LFD remain as before. Anyone with Covid symptoms of cough, and/or runny nose, and/or a high temperature should conduct a LFD test before or on arrival at the nursing home. If the test is negative you may continue with your visit, however we are recommending that you wear a mask if symptomatic. If the test is positive (day 0) you should stay away from the home for 5 days and consider isolating, only returning after you have had two negative LFD tests on two consecutive days (24 hours apart).

Throughout the pandemic we have had a good supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and this continues.  Our staff follow all current guidance on infection prevention and control, and the use of PPE.

In addition to our normal cleaning regimes, we have introduced extra cleaning schedules for our housekeeping teams, using products that are effective against coronavirus.

All new residents are tested for Coronavirus before they move into the home.

Each home has a plan in place in case of a suspected case, to limit the risk of the infection spreading inside the home, or to the outside community.

Our management teams work closely with the local Health Protections teams.


The vaccination programme has been well received in all of our homes, with virtually all of our residents and more than three-quarters of our staff being vaccinated.  We will continue to support and encourage all residents and staff to be vaccinated. A new round of vaccination for both covid and flu is happening now around all the homes.

Visiting Opportunities

We know how important contact with family and friends is to the physical and mental wellbeing of our residents, and how hard the pandemic period has been as this has meant being apart for long periods of time.

Generally, at this time, residents are able to have as many visits from all the people they would wish. To keep residents, staff and visitors safe, we encourage all visitors to take a lateral flow test before each visit, and to strictly follow the guidance on hand washing and wearing a mask whilst in the home.  Whilst wearing a mask is no longer necessary when visiting the homes, we will continue to provide masks in the meantime for those who prefer to wear them.

As Covid remains an ongoing risk, Public Health may advise that general visiting is paused if there is an outbreak within the home.

Throughout the pandemic, essential visits as residents approach the end of life have been maintained, and this continues to be the case.  Where Government guidance has allowed, wellbeing visits have also been made available, where residents or families have had specific needs for additional visiting arrangements.

In line with Scottish Government guidance, each resident has a named visitor who is welcome to visit even under outbreak conditions, unless we are instructed by Public Health to pause this for short periods. A reminder that, under the guidance from Scottish Government, the named visitor needs to be able to show evidence of covid vaccination.

Staying in Touch and Staying Busy

Our staff teams have recognised how important it is to stay in touch in additional ways to visiting.  All of our homes have been provided with extra digital equipment to enable the staff to help residents stay in touch through video calls.

Our enthusiastic activity coordinators arrange activities, entertainment and outings and these are more or less returning to normal, in order to keep residents’ lives interesting and fun.

Example activity planner

Moving In

Despite all of the challenges a pandemic presents, we are still happy to welcome new residents to our homes, and this can be managed safely with family accompaniment.  Please contact the manager of the home with any enquiries, or to arrange a tour of the home.