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Blenham House Special Outings

Kim, one of our activity coordinators at Blenham House, was chatting to a resident one day and he mentioned that he used to love seeing old Band Stands which appeared in public parks. He said that he didn’t think we would ever have the chance to see one again and, once Kim heard this, she wanted to make sure that this was not the case! The team at Blenham House were eager to get involved and planned a trip to a local Band Stand so that our resident could, once again, see one in person.

Wrapped up in plenty clothes and blankets, the group set off. Once they reached the Band Stand, they only managed to see the top of it as there was some construction work going on but this didn’t faze the resident and he was delighted to be able to see one again. We really value the effort that our staff member went to, in order to make this special occasion happen for one of our residents.