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The Benefits of Residential Dementia Care

Group of residents gardening

When it comes to living with the symptoms of dementia, there can be a lot of uncertainty, especially when behavioural and emotional changes can be hard to predict. This can cause stress, confusion and frustration, for both the person and their family. If you are caring for a loved one who is living with dementia, […]

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Interacting With a Loved One Living With Dementia

Resident interacts with staff member

If a loved one is living with dementia, you may have noticed the way they interact has changed. They may speak less often, repeat themselves, have difficulty finding the right words, or easily lose their train of thought. Dementia presents in many ways and can be unique to the individual, but the most important thing […]

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The Career of a Care Home Nurse

Every member of staff in a care home is vital to the health and wellbeing of its residents, but one role that’s particularly valuable is that of a staff nurse. In nursing homes, registered nurses provide round-the-clock care for residents, and they may also be responsible for supervising the care given by other members of […]

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When Should You Consider a Care Home?

If you’ve been caring for a loved one then helping them to make the decision that it is time to move into a nursing home can be stressful and fill many people with guilt. It can be even harder when you are making the decision on their behalf. However, in many cases nursing homes can […]

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Palliative Care: How to Support Your Loved One

When a loved one receives palliative care, it can be a difficult time for both you and them. How can you best care for them at this stage? In this article, we look at what happens in palliative care, how you can look after yourself, and how you can support a loved one in palliative […]

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A Guide to Dementia Nursing Care

Dementia can be distressing, both for the people with this debilitating condition and for their families. As dementia is a progressive illness, if someone has dementia, their symptoms will get worse over time. This means that they’ll need more care and support, and they may need the professional care and support that can be offered […]

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What is Respite Care?

Respite Care: Taking a break from caring If you are a carer you will know that, although hugely rewarding, caring for a loved one 24 hours a day can also be stressful work. Like everyone, sometimes you both need a holiday – and that is where short term respite care can help.   What is […]

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