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The happiness and wellbeing of our residents is vitally important to us. We promote keeping the mind and body active to maintain health and a degree of independence.

Studies show that staying physically and mentally active can help to slow aspects of the ageing process. At our Randolph Hill Nursing Homes we certainly find that quality and enjoyment of life increases for our residents if they take part in our activity programme. Even a little gentle, regular physical exercise can improve muscle strength leading to that all-important sense of wellbeing.

We are very proud of the work that our activity staff do and at all of our homes, we offer a full and varied schedule of activities for residents to enjoy, depending on their particular hobbies and choices.

Activity Co-ordinators

Our activity co-ordinators plan the weekly programme so that there’s something for everyone ─ from singing and trips to the beach to flower arranging and even pet therapy*. Residents are gently encouraged to join in, whether they’re pursuing a lifelong passion or discovering new interests. The Livingston Inn is also just next door!

*Please note, activities vary from home to home and time of year.

Below is a sample activity schedule.


Our Own Transport

Having two of our own Randolph Hill Group minibus’s means that residents’ activities can extend beyond events and classes taking place within Kirk Lane, to those taking place locally within the community. We can organise outings which may include a sightseeing tour, a coastal picnic or perhaps visiting a garden centre with a stop for coffee. Other community-based activities can be planned regularly including going to church services, coffee mornings, tea dances and shopping trips.


Lots to Choose From

Events and activities are hugely enjoyed across the Randolph Hill Group and our dedicated team, full calendar and the availability of our own minibus ensures that the level of participation is high. 

Within Kirk Lane itself, we also have our own hair salon which is very popular. Residents will also be able to watch films on the big screen in the lovely large dining room – there will be regular screenings – and there will be various seasonal gardening projects in the grounds. All activities are inspired by our residents and we’re always open to suggestions for new ways to keep the mind alert and body in shape.

Click here for an example of an activity at a Randolph Hill home.



​Our brochures have all you need to know before arranging a visit at one of our homes. You can download it to read in your own time and share with other family members.


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