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Frequently Asked Questions

There can be so much to consider when choosing the right care home for a loved one. To make it easier we’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s that are often asked by families. If you have a question about Randolph Hill that isn’t covered here just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.


  • What is the process for admission?

The process of considering a care home can be a stressful and emotional journey, both for the person going into care and their family. The change of environment can be daunting but, here at Randolph Hill, we help make the transition as smooth as possible – it’s what comes with over 30 years of experience.

We’ve prepared a Getting Stated Guide that explains the process for consideration and admission.

  • A care home is required for my father-in-law but he is very reluctant and worried. How can we reassure him that this is the right decision for his care and wellbeing?

Often it’s a relief to be looked after by professional nursing and care staff: those who have felt lonely and unable to cope with a house or garden are pleasantly surprised by the feeling of companionship. Those who may need medical attention can actually feel more independent than when they were living in their own home.

  • Are you able to take new residents from out of the area?

Yes, depending on availability, we will welcome new residents from both local areas and further afield.

  • Is there availability in each Randolph Hill home? Are there waiting lists?

When you make contact with one of our Randolph Hill Nursing Homes, the management team will be able to let you know if there is any current availability.

  • Can we take a tour of your homes before making a final decision?

Ideally, it’s important to spend time visiting a home before you reach a decision. It’s also best to view along with the person who will be living in the home so they can decide whether they’d be happy there. We would encourage you to meet or have a conversation with one of our managers or deputy managers however it’s best to contact the home so we can ensure they’re available when it suits you.

  • What is the difference between a care home and a nursing home?

All of the Randolph Hill Nursing Homes have registered nurses providing professional skills in assessment of medical conditions. Residential care homes provide accommodation and personal care for people who need extra support in their daily lives but there may not be nursing services offered. The higher cost of residential nursing home care reflects the fact that more specialised care is provided by registered nurses, and it is tailored to those with specific medical requirements.

  • Where can I find independent reviews of your homes?

You can review reports from Care Inspectorate: a scrutiny body that looks at the quality of care in Scotland.


  • How much do care homes cost?

Our current costs are displayed in the fees section of each of our nursing home website pages.

Please contact us and we’ll be able to discuss fees based on your individual needs.

  • Is there funding available for a nursing home?

Our care homes fees are payable by the individual, but you may be eligible for help depending on your circumstances. Take a look at our funding guide for more details.

Most people are however eligible to receive free personal and/or nursing care. This should be discussed with your social worker but free personal care amounts to £180 per week and free nursing care amounts to £81 per week, normally £261 per week. This would usually be paid directly to the nursing home. If you are privately funded and eligible for the basic State Pension, you will continue to receive this payment.

  • What is included in the fees?

Randolph Hill provides 24/7 nursing care along with the highest quality accommodation and facilities. Fully-furnished ensuite bedrooms, meals and essentials like electricity, a TV, phone, internet and laundry service are included in the cost of our care homes. We also offer a full timetable of social activities in all of our homes and access to facilities which help our residents feel their best, like outings on the minibus.

Staff and Care

  • What is the staff to resident ratio?

Dependency levels are done regularly by management to ensure there are enough staff to meet resident need. Activity staff are extra to these numbers but closely involved with care and well-being.

  • What level of nursing care do you offer?

Our nursing care focuses on putting the needs of our residents first. Each resident has a personalised care plan based on their individual requirements. We take an approach of person-centred care, promoting independence for all of our residents.

  • What if my relative needs help with washing and dressing?

We offer all the services you’d expect from a reputable nursing home including providing help with washing and dressing and 24-hour intensive nursing care if required.

  • What happens if a resident’s medical condition deteriorates whilst living at the home?

A decline in mobility and an increase in frailty can happen over time and this is why we regularly assess each resident’s care plan in order to meet their needs.

  • What specialist dementia care do you provide?

We offer specialist dementia care and provide in-house dementia training for our staff who have direct contact with people who have dementia. That means that nurses, carers and activities staff all have a high level of understanding and skill in supporting residents with dementia.

  • Do you offer respite care?

Pre-bookable respite rooms are available at Ashley Court in Morningside, Muirfield in Gullane, and Kirk Lane in Livingston. Find out more about our respite stays here.

  • Do you offer palliative care?

Yes, we offer palliative care in all of our nursing homes. We want to ensure that our residents are as comfortable, reassured, and dignified as possible in the closing stages of their lives.

  • What training do your staff have?

We provide all statutory training and our own regular in-house training programme and encourage and support other training, where required.

  • Does every resident receive a personalised care plan and how do you ensure they are treated with dignity and respect?

Here at Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group we put the needs of our residents first. Each individual has a care plan based on their personal requirements covering all aspects of their care, including personal routines, medication, interests and hobbies, and day-to-day help that might be required from staff. We focus on the things that individuals can do rather than the things they can’t and carefully assist as necessary. Providing personal care for the elderly using a holistic and multifaceted approach whilst focusing on the positive, promotes independence and enables the resident to maintain their dignity at all times.

  • Do residents have a named member of staff to support them?

Each resident is cared for by a named nurse and key worker helping ensure continuity of communication with families and the resident.

  • My mother is concerned about receiving personal care from a male carer. Are they able to request personal care from only a female carer?

Each resident has a personalised care plan based on their individual requirements and wishes. We make sure this is respected.

  • How do you let family know if a resident takes ill?

As soon as the staff see that a resident’s condition is changing, they phone the next of kin to alert them. The team keep in close contact to reassure the family of the treatment or action being taken.

  • How do you manage the bathing and personal care of residents?

Every bedroom has ensuite facilities supporting staff to promote dignity and privacy. We find out what the resident’s usual routine might be and follow that to make sure the resident is happy and comfortable. If the person prefers a bath, then staff will organise that, making sure there is ample time to enjoy a long soak.

  • What security arrangements do you have to keep residents safe?

There are security coded doors when entering and leaving all of our nursing homes. In addition, there are internal doors that are secure in order to keep restricted and safe access to lifts and stairs. Residents are free to explore familiar areas of the home. Activities inside the building and within the secure garden grounds are also offered under the supervision of experienced staff.

Facilities and Life at Randolph Hill

  • What kind of food do you serve in your homes and do you cater to special diets?

Our in-house chef and kitchen team are responsible for providing nutritionally-balanced, freshly prepared, appetising meals tailored for our residents. Our menu is varied and includes hot and cold meals, vegetarian options and catering for specific diets.

  • Are meals served at set times? Can residents eat earlier or later if they wish?

There are set dining times and we encourage socialising although this is not essential: many people enjoy eating together in the dining room. However, light snacks can be served during the day and residents can choose where to eat and some prefer the privacy of their own room.

  • My mother does not have a good appetite and we are worried about her weight. Will this be given attention and support?

Making food interesting, nutritious and tempting for those who need to put on some weight after a spell of being unwell or just need to maintain a healthy diet is an essential part of our care. We involve the multidisciplinary team, for example, the dietician, for advice where needed.

  • How are the menus created at Randolph Hill? How often do they change?

The menu changes on a four-weekly cycle and we try to accommodate different tastes and diets as far as possible. Residents can be involved in the menu planning if desired.

  • Are there visiting times at Randolph Hill Homes?

Friends and relatives are encouraged to visit as often as possible.

  • What activities are on offer?

We pride ourselves on our programme of activities on offer at our homes. We offer around 120 hours of scheduled activities every week, which is double the recommended hours advised by the Care Inspectorate. We have a number of dedicated activity coordinators offering a varied programme including crafts, baking, games, entertainment and gentle exercise and we also incorporate ideas from the residents. We also have two company minibuses for local or sightseeing day trips.

  • Are pets allowed in your homes?

Many visitors bring in pets and we have a policy to guide this. PLease check with the home manager before bringing in a pet.

  • Do all of your rooms have ensuite?

All bedrooms have ensuite facilities. We have a range of room sizes across our homes from standard, to premium and deluxe.

  • Are residents free to get up and go to bed when they wish?

Yes – During the admission process, we will ask these questions and support each resident to follow their normal pattern.

  • My father loves to get fresh air and spend time in the garden. Will he be free to access the gardens?

All of the nursing homes have secure, flat level access gardens. Staff would enable him to go out and, if needed, would accompany him.

  • How do you cater to resident’s spiritual needs?

As part of the admission process, we would find out how the resident wants to take part in spiritual events. There are church services, in house, and visits from priests and clergymen.

Some resident go out to church, usually taken by their family or friends.

  • Is there a hairdresser available in your homes?

We have a hair salon in each of our homes and regular visits by a hairdresser. We believe that looking your best is important, even more so for older people.

  • What happens to residents’ laundry?

We understand that maintaining a sense of privacy and dignity is fundamental to enjoying life at Randolph Hill. That’s why we take something as simple as laundry so seriously: fresh towels are supplied after each use and we label all clothes and make sure they are returned clean and pressed.

  • Can I bring my own furniture or personal items?

Rooms can be personalised by the resident with their choice of wall colours and soft furnishings. To make bedrooms as comfortable and familiar as possible, we encourage residents to bring personal mementos and furniture, if space allows. As long as the layout gives us space to nurse in, we’ll do our best to make rooms as homely and familiar as possible.

  • Are residents able to smoke?

Smoking is not encouraged inside our homes. For a resident who wishes to continue to smoke, a risk assessment would be put in place to enable this to happen outside.

  • Do residents have a say in how the home is run?

There are regular resident meetings where agenda time is given to residents to have their say. Feedback from residents, relatives and staff is used when reviewing satisfaction.

Any changes will be communicated verbally or in the regular newsletter.

  • Can couples stay together?

Yes – Often a couple will use one bedroom to sleep in and the other bedroom as a lounge.

This is agreed before admission but can change as health issues also change.

  • Are residents encouraged to give feedback?

There are many ways a resident can tell us what they think. Often it is in a resident meeting or can be arranged that they can see the manager alone. Residents have care reviews every 6 months when the nurse asks how they or their family feel we are meeting needs.

Any suggestions and concerns are often brought up at this meeting.


  • Are there nurse career opportunities with Randolph Hill?

We have role opportunities currently available and a wonderful career structure. Details about nursing careers can be found here

  • Are there carer opportunities with Randolph Hill?

We have role opportunities currently available and a wonderful career structure. Details about care careers can be found here


Premium Residential Care

Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group provide round-the-clock, professional nursing and individualised care. We place our residents at the very core of everything we do in order to provide them with the best quality of life possible.

Our homes are based in EdinburghEast LothianWest Lothian and Stirlingshire, and all offer comfortable surroundings, nourishing meals, stimulation and companionship.

We understand that individuals have different needs, and that these needs can change over time. So, we regularly review each resident’s care plan accordingly through a Person-Centred Care approach.