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The Carers Poem by Helen

The Carer Poem by Helen, Carer at Randolph Hill, Dunblane

I am a carer but it’s not just a job

As there are many qualities you need to have

Enthusiasm, a passion and of course the commitment

To make the residents feel happy and content


All those lives enriched with history

As I hear the life tales of their past

I give a hand to hold and an ear to listen

They’ve told me but once but it won’t be the last


Being alert and showing that I care

I offer comfort as they know that I’m there

With new challenges and changes every day

I will always be there to help guide the way.


Being that carer you can make that difference

Working with those who need some assistance

Making someone feel special so they don’t feel alone

We’re just one big family in our Randolph Hill home.