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Gallery of Thank You Messages for Blenham House

Thank you very much to our very kind Blenham House neighbours in the community that have provided kindness and support during the last few weeks for our hard working staff.

We received from ‘Julie’s Club Xperience’ the gift of a new tablet for residents to keep in touch with their loved ones. This is much appreciated.










Local businesses, Claire’s Van and Kelly’s Bakery, delivered breakfasts and Community One Stop Shop provided treats. We would also like to thank one kind individual for dropping off some bags of groceries for staff members.

A big thank you also goes out to

Jill’s Deli

Burtons Biscuits

Napier University

Baillie Gifford

Sharon Murphy

Tracey Campbell

Kirsty Neil

Dominoes Pizza delivery which the staff were over the moon with.

What a wonderful community spirit and very much appreciated! It is so nice to know the local community are thinking of us – and feeding us!!
















Young Kayleigh has drawn a picture and sent a letter to cheer everyone up at a time when there are no visitors.