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Granite stone gifted by ASA Forces Charity

Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant Ms Moira Niven MBE, Councillor Ann Davidson and ASA Forces Charity said “Thank you” to our NHS GC, Carers, key workers and our Armed Forces,  at Holmesview Care Home, Broxburn on Saturday 2nd of July 2022.

We are delighted and very grateful to receive a beautiful granite stone, gifted by ASA Forces Charity and unveiled by the Lord Lieutenant and Cllr Ann Davidson.

ASA Secretary Tommy Davidson said, “Today we placed a Commemorative Stone that thanks the National Health Service Staff across the Nation, All Carers, All Key Workers and our Armed Forces. We will remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice trying to save lives across every community across Scotland, the United Kingdom and indeed across the World. We will also pause for a moment of reflection as we remember family and friends who lost their lives to COVID19 or during the Pandemic, we reflect on families who suffered, not able to give their loved one’s the send off, that they deserved. We will think of young and old who’s mental health suffered during COVID, and people who are still suffering across the Nation from the effects of long COVID. COVID has not gone away, but we are all trying our best to come together and support our family, friends and communities. The National Health Service today is under extreme pressure, COVID19 has impacted people waiting on operations, and crucial life saving treatment. We hope and pray that finance and support is urgently given to the NHS, this must be a top priority for all political Leaders and parties.”

Finally, Secretary of ASA Forces Charity, and on behalf of our members, thanked Randolph Hill Managing Director Peter McCormick for allowing us to place this stone at Holmesview Care Home, Broxburn  today.