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The Red Hot Chilli Pipers Tour Seven Randolph Hill Nursing Homes!

Red Hot Chilli Pipers bring flair to Scottish

Care Home Open Week celebrations

Residents, staff and guests at seven Scottish nursing homes have been treated to highly-charged live performances by Celtic rock band Red Hot Chilli Pipers as part of the celebrations to mark Care Home Open Week.

The outdoor events took place at two sites in Edinburgh, East Lothian and West Lothian, and at a further home in Dunblane, which are all owned and operated by Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group. The performances are part of a whirlwind two-day tour by the band, covering Randolph Hill’s seven nursing home locations across Scotland to mark Care Home Open Week 2022.

Dubbed ‘the most famous bagpipe band on the planet,’ the Red Hot Chilli Pipers drew international attention after winning the BBC talent show When Will I Be Famous in 2007. The Scottish-based outfit now travels the globe playing concert tours as far afield as America, Malaysia, India and Saudi Arabia.

Care Home Open Week, which takes place from 27 June to 3 July, aims to connect care homes across the country with their local community. The event provides care homes with the opportunity to showcase their facilities, activities and services. It also puts a focus on career opportunities and encourages communities to support and build connections with their local service throughout the year.

Peter McCormick, Managing Director of Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group said: “We were delighted to welcome Red Hot Chilli Pipers to play at all of our seven nursing homes. As you might expect, these were highly-spirited performances which our residents, staff, and invited guests thoroughly enjoyed.

“We are really pleased to have the band’s support during Care Home Open Week. It’s an ideal way to mark the occasion, which celebrates the important role of care homes in the communities where they operate.”

As you can see, much fun was had by all – residents, families and staff!