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Lush Cosmetics come to Dunblane

A couple of weeks ago we invited Lush Cosmetics from the Thistle Centre in Stirling to come along to Randolph Hill, Dunblane to give some of our residents a ‘sensory’ experience.

The ‘lush ladies’ – Gemma and Wendy – were delighted to come along and brought some bath bombs and massage creams. A group of ladies from Randolph Hill wanted to attend and we all sat together in the sun room.  Gemma put a bath bomb in hot water and the ladies could all smell the perfumes.  All the ladies enjoyed a hand and arm massage, and you could smell the bath bombs throughout the home.  The ‘lush ladies’ (as the residents called them) stayed and chatted for two hours and we all enjoyed the activity. They very kindly left behind some creams and bath bombs for all of the residents to enjoy.